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Anita Beckett as Marlene Dietrich singing Falling in Love Again

On November 13, 2013, the Glee Club reprised its Broadway Lights, Cabaret Lights program for the LifeLong Learning department at the Temple University, Fort Washington Campus.  We received the following letter from Marylou Delizia, the Program Director.

Dear Selma:

On behalf of Temple University, I would like to thank you for participating in our LifeLong Learning program.  The New Horizons Glee club's performance, Great American Songbook, was totally enjoyed by the participants.

Below are some comments made by the LifeLong Learning members about the Glee club's performance.  I think you will enjoy the very positive feedback.

"The entire performance was terrific!"
"This was very enjoyable and entertaining."
"Just delightful!"
"I smiled the entire time; everyday should be this happy!”
"Music, songs, singers, musicians - just everything was great.”
"This program put a smile on my face."
"It was thoroughly enjoyable and up lifting."
"It was a fun and an exuberant time."
"The talent of the group ... age means nothing!”

"We all needed this wonderful and fun program.  Music is the best therapy for all of our ills."
"Uplifting, fun, warm memories, toe-tapping, inspirational, and joyful.”
"Fabulous!  Couldn't have been better."

The New Horizons Glee Club provided our members with a lively and entertaining program.  Judging from the evaluations, the members totally enjoyed your group's talent and joyful performance!  Thank you, too, for the time and effort that went into the preparation for the program and for the delightful outcome.

Sincerely yours,

Marylou Delizia
Helen Myers sings I Could Have Danced All Night


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